Posted on Dezember 12, 2018
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The GT1 mkII is an incredible dynamic single channel head with the feel and versatility of a 50w and 100w head in one.

The GT1 has been around for over 10 years and has been our most popular amp for heavier players the world over. The only downside is it is very loud. Perhaps you sometimes need a 100w head, perhaps the venue doesn’t require the volume – no matter. The front panel features two input sockets, one engages all four output valves for 100w while the other switches the middle pair out of circuit for 50w. You also have the triode/pentode half power switch to reduce power to around 25w or 50w depending on input socket used.

The GT1 still features both GTL Master volume and & GTO Non Master Volume modes. The master volume switch defeats the master volume and removes one stage of preamp gain. The simple circuit allows the amp to respond with incredible dynamics and organic tone. The delivery through a 4×12 leaves lesser amps behind with a huge soundstage and incredible punch.

Full EQ and voice (works the same as Bass Boost on older designs) allow a vast range of tones. Relay switching vastly improves the tone and clean headroom of the Non Master Volume mode compared to the earlier version, perfect for matching with your favourite fuzz or overdrive pedals.

Weight23.5 kg
Dimensions56.5 x 27.5 x 31.5 cm
Panel ControlsVoice, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Master
Auto BiasingNo
Preamp Valves3 x JJ ECC83
Effects LoopPassive
Output Valves4 x JJ EL34
Power (W)50/100w RMS clean power selectable from front panel input
TransformerProprietary UK made
Turret BoardYes
Cathode BiasingNo
Fixed BiasYes – four individual bias trim points
Triode/Pentode Half power switchYes


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