First Lady

Redesigned head based entirely on the Guitarist Gold Award winning C7. Extra features include two output tubes, 6CA7 and 6V6, user selectable for even greater tonal range. Unique Attack control simultaneously changes the tone and gain of the power tube and changes the way the speaker reacts. This 7 Watts nominal power (clean) amp does it…more


GT Retro

Based on the GT100 this amp focuses on the classic tones of the 60’s and 70’s. Thick powerful clean tones and monstrous drive tones with awesome low-end crunch. Built on NOS PCBs this amp delivers 80 Watts (for improved reliability) output from 4 x EL34s, but these are the loudest 80w you’ll ever hear. This amp…


Series 2000 60th Anniversary

The legendary SERIES 2000, reissued for our 60th Anniversary. Limited Edition…more