Matamp GT 120

Posted on Januar 30, 2019
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The GT120 is a reissue of the original 70s amp. Unmistakable Green Matamp organic sound at incredible sound pressure levels or classic Matamp warm clean.

The preamp is the original circuit including the four position drive switch, bass boost and presence/boost circuit incorporating the inductor.

The key to this amp is its clean tone. The preamp has origins going back to the days of Orange Matamp when Peter Green described the tone he wanted to Tony and Mat as “sweet….but not like treacle…like honey.” Coupled with four EL34s the warm sweet clean tone is a perfect match for fuzz.

The power amp has been slightly updated to feature individual bias adjustment per valve. This makes matched sets a thing of the past and enables the user to replace a single valve while still maintaining optimum performance.

The big difference in this reissue is that the amp is now hand wired on turret tracks, our hybrid PCB turret construction method that we have been using throughout this millennium. Greatly improving reliability and serviceability over previous versions, including the original amps from the 1970s.

Transformers and chassis are sourced from the same local supplier as the originals.

The GT120 can drive multiple cabs from the 4, 8 & 16 ohm speaker outputs. By using the parallel inputs found on Matamp cabinets the player can construct their ideal rig from our range of cabs.

Dimensions56.5 x 27.5 x 31.5 cm
Panel ControlsPanel Controls Bass Boost, Drive Switch, Bass, Treble, Presence, Volume
Auto BiasingNo
Preamp Valves2 x JJ ECC83
Effects LoopPassive
Output Valves4 x JJ EL34
Power (W)120w RMS clean power
TransformerSourced from original supplier from the 1970s to original specification.
Turret BoardYes
Cathode BiasingNo
Fixed BiasYes
Footswitch ControlsN/A
Ohms Output4, 8 & 16, one socket each. Additional cabs must be daisy chained together.
RectificationSilicon Diode
Output ClassAB Push Pull


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