Minimat Gallery

Posted on Juni 4, 2008
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matamp-minimat-1-4.jpg matamp-mini-2-burg.jpg matamp-mini-2-burg.jpg matamp-mini-1-green-2.jpg matamp-mini-1-green-3.jpg matamp-mini-2-bb.jpg matamp-mini-2-halfst.jpg matamp-mini-2-oran.jpg matamp-mini-2-orang2.jpg matamp-minim-2-black.jpg matamp-minimat-1-orang-2.jpg matamp-minimat-1.jpgmatamp-minimat-1-2.jpg matamp-minimat-1-3.jpg matamp-minimat-1-orang-3.jpg


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  1. Minimat Gallery ist online : - Custum Tube Amplification since 1946 - Service Deutschland on Juni 4th, 2008 13:20

    […] zur Minimat Gallery […]

  2. MINIMAT 2 : - Custum Tube Amplification since 1946 - Service Deutschland on Juni 4th, 2008 13:21

    […] Zur Minimat Gallery! New version of our 4 watt head. Now all valve with built in attenuator and footswitchable boost. New for Summer 2007 is the revised Minimat. We’ve taken the old version and added an all valve booster. It’s still controled by the footswitch. We’ve added a master volume so you can take advantage of great sounding preamp gain, or use the attenuator to run the master flat out and get power valve overdrive at sensible levels. More details will be here soon…but unlike the Little Rock you’ll still be able to get custom options like vinyl and gold plating. There will also be a 1×12 combo version with reverb but without the boost. Please note we’ve now sold out of the old style Minimats! Built in VALVE BOOST, controlable via pot on the frontpanel and switchable via footswitch. Covered in Snakeskin vinyl the same as the Series 2000 (No stringing on cabinet, remember to spec your cab to match!) […]